The Centre offers teaching through Undergraduate Degrees (BEng and MEng), Postgraduate Taught Degrees (MSc), and CPD Short Courses related to fire. Details below.

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The Centre supports the Structural and Fire Safety Engineering degree programmes as well as a number of short courses. The Fire Research Centre is involved in a wide range of research subjects and is also deeply involved in setting the direction for the Fire Safety Engineering practice.

Undergraduate Degree in Structural and Fire Safety Engineering

  • Graduates from this degree programme will be in a unique position to tackle the challenging problems associated with designing fire safety into modern buildings, both commercial and industrial. Such skills are urgently required. 
    For more information follow this link

Degree Courses in Fire Engineering include

  • Fire Safety Engineering 3 (3rd year)
  • Fire Science & Fire Dynamics 4 (4th year)
  • Fire Safety Engineering 4 (4th year)
  • Fire Science Laboratory 5 (4th year)
  • Fire Safety Engineering Design Project 5 (5th year)
  • Structural Design for Fire 5 (5th year)
  • Fire Safety Engineering Analysis & Design 5 (5th year)
  • Fire Investigation and Failure Analysis 5 (5th year)

International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering

  • The Universities of Edinburgh (UK), Ghent (Belgium) and Lund (Sweden) submitted a winning proposal for an Erasmus Mundus Masters Course in Fire Safety Engineering. The initiative was initiated by Prof. Bart Merci (Ghent University, co-ordinator), Prof. Jose Torero (formerly University of Edinburgh) and Prof. Robert Jönsson (formerly Lund University).

    The curriculum concerns a two-year programme. The classes in the first semester, covering basic topics in Fire Safety Engineering (FSE), can be attended in Ghent or Edinburgh. All students spend the second semester in Lund, where emphasis lies on enclosure fire dynamics, risk analysis and human behaviour. In the third semester, classes are again taught in Ghent or Edinburgh. The fourth semester is devoted to the Masters thesis, hosted by one of the three institutes, or one of our partner organisations.

    The programme has been running successfully since 2010. [Details
    A limited number of fully funded scholarships are available.

Masters Degree in Structural and Fire Safety Engineering

  • A taught postgraduate MSc in Structural and Fire Safety Engineering aims to equip engineering graduates and working professionals with specialist training in the analysis and design of structures to resist fire and other extreme loads. For more information follow this link. Under the Scottish Executive's Fresh Talent programme overseas students graduating with degrees from a Scottish University are able to apply for a permit to work (and look for work) in Scotland.
    Application for scholarships to UK and EU students who have been accepted to the programme here.

CPD Courses

The Centre offers three CPD courses:

Additionally, we are able to offer ad hoc courses on Fire Safety Engineering topics to meet your requirements. These can be taught in Edinburgh or at your location. Course content and costs are negotiable. Please contact us for details.

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